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Have you ever wondered why there's no STOP sign at that pesky intersection outside your apartment? What about why rent in Cambridge is so high? Or, what's the deal with all that development in Kendall Square? Do you want to ask the Mayor?

Wait a minute, who is the Mayor of Cambridge? 

Backyard Cambridge presents a new podcast series with the Mayor of Cambridge, Marc McGovern: 'I'm the Mayor. Ask me Anything." You submit the questions, we choose the most popular ones to present to the Mayor in a rapid-fire round of questioning, and then release his answers in the form of a podcast. Whatever your questions are for the Mayor, send them to us, and we'll pass them on to him. The most popular questions will be answered in a podcast. Text/tweet/email to us (details below) - or just submit your question in the form below!

Email: askthemayor[at] 

Tweet: @BYCambridgePod

Phone/Text: (857) 285-2605 

Record your question in the form of a voice memo, if you like! We're taking questions on an ongoing basis and review them at the beginning of each month. 

Bonus points if you record yourself asking your question!