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Vail Court Update

From: Craig Kelley

Hey Everyone:

This is an update from the Manager earlier this month about Vail Court. One more wrinkle, along with the challenge of the taking itself, that illustrates just how tough it can be to effectively use eminent domain to make things happen when you don’t have a willing seller. That is very much something to keep in mind when we talk about other possible civic projects.


  • The demolition contractor for Vail Court has informed the City that they are terminating the contract because of the legal delay.  They are within their rights to remove themselves from the project based on the contract with the City. This will mean that Vail Court demolition needs to be re-bid to perform the abatement and demolition of the building. Due to the non-traditional approach previously approved by the Mass Department of Environmental Protection which requires the building to be deluged with water during the demolition, the abatement and demolition will not occur until early Spring when we can avoid water freezing.


Thanks a lot.