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Talk to your city, and talk to us. 

Talk to your city. 

We want to make it as easy as possible to get involved in and give feedback to your government. Below, we're including the names and email addresses of elected officials and key city staffers here in Cambridge. Have other ideas for how people can get involved? Let us know.

Key Staff:

City Manager: Louis DePasquale

Deputy City Manager: Lisa Peterson

Cambridge Public Works (contact for issues related to construction, street cleaning, potholes, trash collection, etc)

City Council:

Mayor Marc McGovern

Vice Mayor Jan Devereux

Dennis Carlone

Craig Kelley

Alanna Mallon

Sumbul Siddiqi

Denise Simmons

Tim Toomey

Quinton Zondervan


Talk to us. 

We're young, scrappy, and hungry, and all ears. If there's something you loved, something you think we could do better, or something you hated, let us know. We'd especially appreciate it if you left your contact info behind, so we can follow up with more questions!


Contact us:

Twitter: @BYCambridgePod


Email: amira[at]

Text: (857) 285-2605