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We created a podcast to make it easier to understand policy issues the city is dealing with. This month, our episode is on affordable housing (it's the second of a two part series - listen to part one here). Listen to it by clicking the "play" button below, or find it by searching "Backyard Cambridge" wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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Show notes: 

Climate change is a global issue, but it’s also a local one. Cities around the world are developing policy responses to reduce their carbon footprint and prepare for the climate change effects we expect will happen in the coming decades. In this episode, we look at how Cambridge is leading the fight against climate change by being an example that other cities can follow.

CORRECTION: In the episode we discuss with Seth Federspiel a 2013 citizens' zoning petition. That petition did expire, but it led the City to create a climate Task Force, which then proposed the Net Zero Action Plan that the City is now implementing. Still a pretty neat example of citizen engagement leading to real policy impact!

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Parts 1 and 2

Net Zero Action Plan

Green Cambridge

Cambridge Energy Alliance

Drive Green EV discount program

Cambridge Development Department’s list of environmental community organizations

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